Catch me if U can! Sephora Contour eye pencil 12H wear Waterproof №33 «Love affair»

Hi! I’d like to tell you about this eyeliner. I bought it after i read some good reveiws. But… It was a mistake. So.


What we see. The eyeliner is small, it comfortably in the hand.

Texture of this eyeliner: its so soft! Really, sometimes i hate it, because i just have sharped it- one moment- and the eyeliner is blunt again! I cant tell, that it is resistant. Mostly not. My eyelids have the oily (is that right word?…) skin, and the eyeliner imprinted (right?) after 3-4 hours. I dont like it. And after 5 hours i cant see it at all. Hey, Sephora, where are you?…

Colour…There are hundreds of thousands of stars scattered in the purple sky. Yes, it is. But i have to draw at least 2 layers because this eyeliner is translucent.

Lets see?..

collage_photocat1 collage_photocat IMG_0467 IMG_0462 IMG_0474

Thank you for your attention! I hope, it wasnt boring. And please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it!


Music of my heart: Katy Perry vs. SkrillexE.T.


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