My lips but better: Lumene Wild Rose Natural Lipstick №3 Heather Nude


Hello! Want to tell you about my every-day lipstick.
I have been on the hunt for this lipstick because I couldn’t find this shade anywhere. And I have it now.
Neat white lipstick case. The formula is excellent. It’s so comfortable on the lips. Its very creamy. And it doesn’t dry lips at all. You don’t need to be built up it because the shade make your lips perfect with the first application. This lipstick doesn’t move around and settle into every line of my lips. I like it.
The color is absolutely lovely! Its so rich reduced-coffee shade in the case but it becomes very delicate chocolate pink shade on the lips. I think its a cold nude. Lipsticks doesn’t have shimmers. Lumene is not very pigmented: it makes your lips better but doesn’t change the color at all.
It’s not very long wearing actually. Only 3-4 hours and I have to repeat it. Lipstick has its own scent. Don’t know how to describe it. Just that “lipstick” smell.
This lipstick is one of my favorite. I like the shades like this. It’s a perfect lipstick “my lips but better” I guess.

5b6ef9_lbox 246204_lbox 7f7178_lbox3b9e7b_lbox

I think that its really my shade. And what do you think?

Music of my heart: Breaking BenjaminForget It

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love U!


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