Sweet pair by Limoni: 07 and 56 eyeshadows


Hi guys! Today I’m going to review my new eyeshadows: Limoni eye-shadow 07 and Limoni eye-shadow 56.

I’m still studying to use the eyeshadows. But I think I really can make smth good with this pair. Well. Why these colors? I think that I can make “everyday make up” with it. I will show my options. This is the first reason. The second- I think it looks good with my eyes color. Does it?

Lets speak about each individually.

Limoni Eye-shadow 07.

The small round metal packaging. I don’t have the magnet palette so I cant imagine how to keep it.

Eyeshadow is not very pigmented. It’s light peach shade with shimmers running throughout. Its bright but not saturated color.  I often use it with wings. I think it’s a good combination: pink-peach shiny shade and burgundy wing.

I apply it with the synthetic brush and shade with the Limoni brush (I’ll tell about it). Eyeshadow is long wearing time. But I use the primer.

Limoni Eye-shadow 56.

I absolutely in love with this shade. Its cold grey with satin glitter inside. The  packaging is the same, bla-bla-bla.

This shade is very pigmented. I don’t use it solo. I can but I don’t like. It had smudged under my eyes i looked like a little panda.  But. I found the combination which looks very pretty on me. I apply “07” and just make a shadow with “56” in the corner of the eye. It doesn’t look dirty, I can make smooth shades with these eyeshadows. I make it with the “Limoni Brush”.

I found these eyeshadows here: http://limoni.ru/makiyaj/limoni_teni_dlya_vek_eye_shadow

It is around $3.3.


collage_photocat collage_photocat1 collage_photocatй

Solo 07 and the wing.

IMG_6451 IMG_6413 IMG_6409

And my favorite duet

IMG_6469 IMG_6516 IMG_6529

How it looks on me!


Do you like this make up?

Music of my heart: RialtoMonday Morning 5.19

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love U!


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