Eyeshadow Base New Air Cosmetics


Hi, girls! I want to tell you about my new eye shadow base.

I already have several bases so it was interesting to compare them.

The packaging is small and glass. It closes tight. My big negative with this base is its texture. It’s too difficult to get it out of a jar, it is very compressed. If you have long nails- it will be a big problem. But when you got it, you will use it with pleasure. It melts because of contact with the skin of eyelids. It forms an oil film on the skin and it would not absorbed into the skin. Some kind of protection, i guess. The base doesn’t  stain your skin into the white shade (and the base is white in the jar). Just gives a little brilliant shade. The base doesn’t have any scent.

This base is perfect for matte or shimmer textures of eye shadows but it’s a bad idea to use it with mineral eye shadows! I cant apply mineral or creamy eye shadows on this base. It just settles into every line of the skin. But I like it with other eyeshadows. The point is in applying it very thinly.

This base gives to the eye shadows a great pigmentation, really! And a long wearing time: your eye shadows will be on the eyelids during all day without losing its colors.

Btw, this base makes my eyeshadows  water-resistant. I got under the rain, just yesterday. And panda… didn’t happen!  Yes, my mascara has flowed, but eyeshadows haven’t. The colors have paled but still were staying on the eyelids.

You can buy it hereIts about $7,5.

collage_photocat IMG_7044 qaNnOHT

Verdict: I like this base but i dont advise to use it with creamy eyeshadows. 

Music of my heart: Sam SmithStay With Me

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love U!


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