My furry army of brushes


Hello, my sweethearts! Usually I told you about my cosmetics but I have never told you about my instruments for make up. I mean, brushes. I don’t have a big collection of them, but I’m trying and now I want to show you my favorite brushes. There are not expensive brushes, So if you don’t like mass market products this post it not for you 🙂

Lets start with the brushes for eyeshadows.

Limoni Professional №07

A large sable brush for eyeshadow. It is soft, this brush is good for application of the basic color on all eyelid. It is a good gain and gives the product but it doesn’t works with mineral eyeshadows. I don’t really like it. This brush is not tightly packed full and it is too big for my eyelid. You can buy it in this store, it is about $17.

IMG_8551 collage_photocatд

Limoni Professional №08

It is a square sable brush with rounded edges. I use it for drawing the fold of the upper eyelid or shading the lower eyelid. It is really soft and elastic. I use it rarely, usually for placing accents in makeup. You can buy it in this storeIt is about $9.

IMG_8508 collьтge_photocat

Limoni Professional №39

This is a tapered brush for shading. It is one of my favorite brushes! If I decided to make makeup with eyeshadows, so I use this brush. This is a sable brush. It is very soft and tightly packed full brush. This brush is perfect for drawing the fold of the upper eyelid and making shade of eye shadow in a light haze. It is absolutely suitable for shading boundaries. You can but it in this store and it is about $9,5. So, I really recommended it to you!

IMG_8525 collage_photocatгн

Catrice Smokey Eyes Brush

It is a synthetic brush. I don’t like the form of this brush cause I keep my brushes in a glass. So the brush is based on some part of it selves. I think it’s not very useful to the pile.
One side of the brush is like Limoni №39 but worse. It shades eyeshadows not so good, it does not tightly packed full. But sometimes I use it.
The second side is an angle brush. It is dense but it is too big for eyeliner. Sometimes I use it for the lower eyelid. Or it is OK for painting eyebrows.
It is one of my first brushes. Not my favorite but it was just the beginning.
I don’t remember where I bought it but it is about $2.5.

IMG_8477 collage_photocat

Catrice Duo Eyeshadow Brush

My first brush! And still one of my favorite.
One side of this brush is thick, small square brush with rounded edges. I use it for lower eyelid rarely.
The second side is my big love. I use it every time when I apply eyeshadows. It is perfect for application of the basic color on the eyelid. It works perfectly with mineral eyeshadows too. It is tightly packed full, very soft and pleasant, gives the product well. I really love this brush. And it is so cheap: $5. I do recommend it to you!

IMG_8489 collage_photocatы

New Air Cosmetics C60

This is a synthetic angle brush for the primer for eyeshadows. But it is very uncomfortable for me- to use this brush like that. So I use it for creamy eyeshadows. And it is perfect for it. It applies eyeshadows without spots, very evenly. Also I use it for creamy highlighter. It is not tightly packed full, but it shouldn’t be. So, it is a good working brush for creamy textures.
It is about $6, you can buy it in this store.

IMG_8538 collage_photocatло

It was the first part of the post, xo-xo
Now I will tell you about another brushes for the face.

Catrice Blush Brush

It is my first of the first brush! And I still use it. It is a perfect synthetic brush circular shape, very soft and pleasant. It is tightly packed full, it doesn’t lose hair (is that right word?) after washing. It applies blushes perfectly. It creates smooth coating and a weightless on the surface. It is very old but I love it. And sometimes (it happens very rarely) I use this brush for the mineral powder. It works good, no complains. This brush is about $4. I do recommend it to you!

IMG_8582 collage_photocatж

Limoni Professional №02

This is a goat wool brush for the blushes. At first, it is huge!! I’ve never seen so big brushes. This is a large beveled brush. It is not tightly packed full but it was. This brush loses its hair when I apply the blushes or during the washing. It was a very good brush but now I have troubles with it. It doesn’t smudge blushes well: I can see feather borders when I contour powdery products. It is very soft. But it is not my perfect brush.
You can buy it in this store. It is about $13.

IMG_8562 collage_photocaыt

Inglot lip brush sable

My only brush for the lipsticks. It is perfect. This brush is like fountain pen. The big plus is when I close up this brush, the pile doesn’t stain the case. I use it with all my bright lipsticks. This brush is very elastic, it is easy to draw the outline of the lips with this brush. It doesn’t lose its hairs or fluffs up after washing. Well, I like this brush. You can buy it in this store. It is about $10. Recommend it to you!

IMG_8462 collage_photoюcat

Well, it is a really big post. I hope, it is useful for you. Thanks for reading! 

Music of my heart: BeyonceHaunted

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love U!


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