Missha Two in one Fit-in Gel Liner “raising-plum”


Hi, girls! I want to tell you about Gel Liner by Missha. This is not just usual liner. It has two compartments with two shades. Interesting?

We have small round packaging. There is 2 sectors inside. Basically, you can to combine it. But I prefer use it separately. The first shade is a deep wine, burgundy color with gold shimmer aspect. It is dryish so I need to apply it in two or more layers. The arrow becomes bright and I can make the best sharp tip with this texture of the liner. It is long lasting. I have an oily skin of my eyelids, so I appreciate this moment. This shade really suits green eyes! I do love it.

The second sector is a light pink shade with a lot of shimmer mica inside. It is tightly compacted, I cant apply it with my brush. Actually, I don’t know what kind of brush I have to use for applying this product. It is solid. The large particles of mica stick to the brush but they are not applied on the eyelid. When I try to apply this shade on top of the first shade, becomes smith beautiful. But all this glitter showered under my eyes. So it is a very pretty shade in the jar, not on the eyelids.

You can find it in this store. It is about $13.

collage_photocat collage_photocatъх IMG_9372 IMG_9373  IMG_9415

Thanks for reading!

IMG_9385 And we love you!

Music of my heart: Daniel PowterCrazy all my life

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love U!


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