Innisfree Greean Tea Mint Fresh Shampoo


Hello, ladies!
Usually i tell you about cosmetics. But now I want to speak about products for hair. This is my first try, so don’t judge me 🙂Green Tea mint fresh shampoo by Innisfree. I’ve thought for a long time what kind of shampoo I should choose. And I chose this one. The shampoo doesn’t contains silicones, parabens, animal products and other chemicals. So it is a very natural product.
A little bit about my hair. I have a lot of hair. A real gypsy mane. Hair is tight, thick. It doesn’t get dirty fast, I wash my hair once a week. And I have a really high requirements for shampoo: It must wash as much as hair becomes to creak on the purity, my scalp should not become oily fast..
This shampoo wash really good and it leaves a pleasant aroma and fresh feeling after shower. But. In my opinion, this shampoo is the best for the very dry hair. I have normal scalp and hair, but the skin of my head becomes oily after 3-4 (!) days. This is an inexcusably small number of days for me. Yes, this shampoo is good for everyday shower. But the effect of cleanliness is very short-lived.

IMG_9549 IMG_9553

You can find this shampoo in this store.

And my hair.

First day after shower:


And this is the fourth day. You see, hair are not fresh…

IMG_8229 IMG_6361

And this is effect on my hair on the seventh day, if shampoo is suitable for my hair.You see the difference.

IMG_9423 ab6210_lbox

Well, I can’t recommend it to you, because this shampoo does not good for me. But I think, it will be great for the dry hair.

Music of my heart: Tove LoGot Love

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love U!


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