Eye shadows by Dream Minerals


Hello, ladies! I want to discuss about eye shadows. Mineral eye shadows. Don’t know why but every example of this type of eye shadows with I met, had a terrible quality. And this autumn I decided to try it one more (last) time. My choice was a brand Dream Minerals. And here are my experiences about it.

The general characteristics.

Eye shadows are very pigmented. Every shade. The are…sweet. Yes, they are. But don’t try to taste it, like I did) I don’t feel any smell. I use primer for eye shadows, but it is only because of my oily skin.

My big negative is the packaging. It is awful!! It is like a constructor: one part joins another. So when I open one of them, I become dirty in the shadows. Arrr!! But this is a tester. And the full-size is OK. All eye shadows are very long lasting..


Satin  №90 Glace


This is a beige mushroom shade. I don’t see any shimmer inside the box. But I see very delicate aspect of glitter on my eye lids. I use this shade in tandem with another eye shadows. It smudges very well.

Satin №99 Milk Souffle


My best of the best of the best shade! I do love it. I use it with wings, with other shades. It is perfect. The color is milky-pink and beige. I don’t see shimmer, this shade gives very delicate satin cover. I like it.

Shining №64 Dragonfly Wings


This is my most unusual color in the collection. It can be pink, yellow, green. Reminds my the pigment by Inglot, but not so rich.

I don’t know, how can I use it with different shades: this shade doesn’t suit any of my eye shadows. So I apply it solo, sometimes add the wings with the same shade- I draw it with the wet brush. When I try to draw the black wings- it becomes green. One of qualities: the chameleon.

Matt №55 Dark Pink


This shade is my fail. When I wanted to try it, I thought that it is more… delicate. In real I see the bright brick color. I don’t know, how to use it. It smudges well, I can blend it out, but it doesn’t help me. I made the red wings.. Wings are beautiful but not for me, not for my type.

But I found a way! I cook lip balms by myself. So I add this shade in my composition and got a very nice color balm.

But, enough my terrible English. Lets see!

“99”+brown wings-my everyday make up!

IMG_0054 IMG_0055


IMG_9897 IMG_9899 IMG_9905

“64” solo, “64”+ black (yes, it was black, but became green) wings

IMG_9942 IMG_9944 IMG_9991


IMG_0018 IMG_0026 IMG_0029

Well, I do recommend it to you!

You can buy it here and in this store.

Music of my heart: Tove LoGot Love

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love U!


3 thoughts on “Eye shadows by Dream Minerals

  1. Those are beautiful shades! I never would have guessed that Dark Pink would be so different once it is applied. I do really like the looks you came up with for it though! I also really like the green wing look 🙂


  2. Ooh… great review, as always. Dark Pink and Dragonfly Wings are certainly unique! I don’t think I could really wear Dark Pink… but Dragonfly Wings sounds neat! A chameleon shade, how lovely. =) It looks beautiful on you! You did a great job with 99!


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