Missha The Style Smudge-proof Wood Eyebrow *Grey*


collage_photocat.jpgHi! I want to tell you about my pencil for eyebrows. Actually, I am not a big fan of bright, graphic eyebrows… but I have some bald patches on my eyebrows, so I have to draw it..Well, eyebrow pencil by Missha. It’s a famous brand so I don’t see any sense to tell U about it a lot.
This pencil is perfect for me as much as it can be. There is a round brush on one side and the stylus on another. I chose the grey shade because this color is perfect for my black eyebrows. You know, I think, that grey shades suit black eyebrows: some kind of dark brown shades will look strainge on the face, completely black shades will make the face grotesque. So, grey shades are my choice!
The The tip of the pencil is solid. In this way, the pencil does not smear. It is very stable! All day, rain, shower… The pencil can make it!


Well, I do recommend this pencil to you if you have some spots that should be shaded 🙂

Imagine DragonsFriction

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love and hugs!


4 thoughts on “Missha The Style Smudge-proof Wood Eyebrow *Grey*

  1. I think this color match really is perfect for you. I also really like how you do your brows, I’m not really a fan of huge graphic brows either.
    Is that a new cat? I’ve only seen photos of your white cat so far (I think…but I’m pretty forgetful).


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