A little about the deer

Hello, my ladies! After a long break I wanted to show you some new lipsticks or eye shadows.. But it is usual. I read posts like those every day. So I wanted to make some more interesting. I won’t tell about cosmetics products in this post. I’m going to show you very nice make up. I think, all of U remember the tale about Bambi. Did you know, that Bambi was born in the spring? So, spring is coming and it’s time to meet the little deer!


Well. The first step. Foundation. You know, I don’t like bases, primers and foundations at all. I think, that my skin for every day make-up is perfect without any cosmetics. In this make up I don’t need the perfect skin, like a mask. But I need some kind of the canvas for making symmetric contouring.

I use foundation by Eveline. It doesn’t matte the skin, but makes it evens out the complexion.

After foundation I draw the shadows on the apples of the cheeks and smudge them to the temples. In the corners of my forehead I shade too. For these manipulations I use NYX Powder Blush Taupe. I think, this product is perfect.

Bright and dark parts are visible on the face of a deer very clearly. So the middle of the forehead, “pads” near and under nose I lighten with concealer. Also I make the light spots under my eyes and smudge them from the nose to the temples.

After I finished the contouring I make the nose. The noses of the deer are highlighted clearly enough, so it is not hard to draw it. I take the darkness brown eye shadows and draw the lines from the eye brows and lead them down, perpendicular to the line of the nose. I blend these lines out only on the external side of the nose. The center line on the nose I highlight with concealer.

Eyes. This is the easiest part. I use the mushroom shade of the eye shadows for highlighting the eyelid crease and black gel eye liner (by Missha). The lower eyelid I draw with the white pencil for making my eyes bigger and make the thin gray line under the white zone. Mascara and you’re almost done with the face.

The lips. I lighten the zone under the nose, draw the dark line to the upper lip.  I powder the upper lip, make it the same color as my skin and draw the thin brown line on the junction of the lips. As you can see, deer have a pronounced thin upper lip. I powder my lower lip and it’s OK.

The last step. Spots and the button of the nose. I draw white spots on the dark areas of the skin and make three dark spots under the eyes and nose.

The nose I draw with the gel eye liner but DON’T do the same mistake! I have not been able to wash the nose with black paint later! Use kajal or black eye shadows. It would be enough.

Well. I lightly powder my face and it’s done.


It’s a very nice little deer turned out, what do U think ?

Music of my heart: Noemi Smorra ft. Lena Katina Golden Leaves

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love and hugs!



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