Biotique Bio Green Apple for oily hear and scalp

IMG_4123Hello! My friends, this is gonna be a little unusual post- about shampoo. I like to tell you about cosmetics like blushes or lipsticks more. But some months I’ve tried products by Biotique. This brand makes products which are not tested on animals.  As I am a volunteer I just had to try it! And now I want to tell you about all advantages and disadvantages about this kind of cosmetics.

I should take a time to the little characteristics about my hair. I have a really good hair. My hair is thick and hard. I could wash my head once a week a years ago. But something has happened and I realized, that my hair started become dirty faster. I hate 2 things in this story: dirty and wet hair. You know, I have a lot of hair on my head requiring more than 8 hours for drying. And I dont use hairdryer. So the washing day is a lost day for me.  And now I seek a shampoo making my hair clean for a long time. I don’t have split end of hair but sometimes they are too dry.  It is not a big problem, just it is hard to comb the hair. So I need to use masks. But when I tried this shampoo I understood that I don’t need masks any more. You know, shampoo washes as well as I could use some kinds of solid shampoos. And it is perfect! My hair is quite clean. But after washing I don’t use masks, shampoo makes some kind of coating (may I say like this?) on my hair, so there is no necessity in other products. But in the same time my hair stays clean for 5-6 days at least. And it is exellent!

I need a small amount of shampoo because it foams well. I have to say about the scent! It is amazing! You know, it is like sliced green apple. I feel so fresh, spring scent. It doesn’t stay on my hair, but while I am taking a shower I just transferring into an apple garden with juicy apples. I am absolutely in love with this smell.

You can buy it in this store

I do recommend this product to you. It washes hair so well. And the biggest plus for me it is not tested on animals. Hmm, may be I should my next post about my volunteer activity… Any way, this is a really good product, you should try it!

Music of my heart: Taylor SwiftBlank Space

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love and hugs!


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