Cat family

I know, you do love my cats!

Her name is Alisa. She is 6 years old, we took her at first year of your dating. She is so clever and smart, like a dog. She brings toys, knows commands. We can speak with her and she answers with almost human expression. But she is really b*tch. For example I pushed her.Accidentally, of couse. But she will run after me, try to bite me. And all of this is accompanied by outraged cries. But she likes talking… Or I should say mewing? So she is a typical girl. She really loves my husband and I think, she believes that I am just a servant and she is his favorite woman 🙂 

This is Tasha. She is the youngest of all girls: 8 months. She is very funny and kind. She doesn’t bring toys like Alisa does but she is very curious: street out of the window, birds, our business- it is interested her so much! She is very playful and sometimes other cats try to hide from her 🙂 Tasha sleeps beside my stomach. I think, she needs to feel somebody next to her. She is very, very gentle! She can snuggle and purr on our laps for ever, I guess. Tasha likes watching films with us and she always sits beside my husband while he is playing Tanks. She is a very nice snub girl!

And this is my little girl! My Varya which is translated as Mitten. She is absolutely my girl. I know, it is unfair to other cats. But I cant do anything with my feelings. Varya thinks that I am her mother cat. She cant fell asleep without sucking on my earlobe. And my morning starts with the same action. Also when she has nightmares, she comes to my earlobe. She brings toys and knows some commands but sometimes she becomes…true blonde 🙂 She is not so clever as kind! Varya is a very hugging cat.

And I need to say about our Kassandra. Kasya. She was a luxury cat! So beautiful, so gorgeous! She was purring like a squeaky motor. She was a Cat Queen of our little family. We lost her last summer because of acute renal failure. Nothing could save her but I’m trying to think that she was gone in a circle of family, among loving her people and cats. We are still missing her. We wish you a soft rainbow, my girl…

You know, when I wrote about Kasya I was crying. It is so hard: to lose someone you love.. Anyway, life goes on. And I hope you enjoyed my cats!

Music of my heart:  Everybody Wants to Be A Cat

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love and hugs!


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