Inglot eyeliner gel AMC 86


IMG_4512Hello, ladies! This post is gonna be about one of my favorite products: gel eyeliner! Actually, I’ve got a lot of eyeshadows but I use gel eyeliner only for my every-day-makeup. Usually I use dark brown shade (Gel eyeliner by Maybelline) But spring requires brightness and I decided to buy something new. I took Gel Eyeliner by Inglot, emerald shade.

I like Inglot. This brand creates really good cosmetics and I’m sure: I would buy every single lipstick, blush or gel eye liner if I could. Well, this eyeliner gel is as usual gel eyeliner: it is not very thick, color is very pigmented but you have to draw the line not more than a couple of times, because the texture is not homogeneous. But do not make a layer cake on your eyes, please 🙂 At the same time, you should draw the line quickly, because it dries in the moments. I try to make the perfect wing the first time and not try to fix some defects, otherwise eyeliner could crumble.

I draw the line as close to my lashes as I could but be careful, you must not touch the lash line because applying the mascara will be a problem.
The shade is perfect for green or grey eyes, I guess. It doesn’t look vulgar but it makes your eyes brighter. Gel eyeliner is almost matte withiout any shimmer inside of it. It is really stable. I apply it in the morning and remove only at might night. This eyeliner will survive rain, hail,even a swimming pool but do not rube the eyes, eyeliner will start to crumble.







And my *almost_duck_face* 🙂


Well, I do recommend you this gel eyeliner. It is pigmented, resistant and very comfortable for the eyes. 
And do you like gel eyeliner? Do you use Inglot or may be you can advise me some interesting brands making good eyeliners?

Music of my heart: Morcheeba – I Am The Spring

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love and hugs!


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