A little about the deer

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Lambre Eye Liner #7


Hi, ladies! This post will be interesting for girls who love burgundy shades for the eyes. It’s about eye liner by Lambre.
You know, I’m not a fan of eye pencils, gel liner is perfect. But I couldn’t resist the shade of this pencil! I’m in love with it. I was looking for a long time that color.
This eye pencil is long. On one end is a stylus, the other is a sponge for smudging. I Also use this sponge for making a thin tip of the wing.
This eye pencil is not for nude eye lid. I apply it only over the eye shadows, otherwise it will spread out. But it is long lasting, as it possible.

You can buy this pencil here.

Well, I like this pencil and I do recommend it to you 🙂

Music of my heart: JuanesA Dios le pido

P.S. Please, write me about my mistakes in the language, i’ll try to fix it. Love and hugs!

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