Inglot eyeliner gel AMC 86

  Hello, ladies! This post is gonna be about one of my favorite products: gel eyeliner! Actually, I’ve got a lot of eyeshadows but I use gel eyeliner only for my every-day-makeup. Usually I use dark brown shade (Gel eyeliner … Continue reading

Eye shadows by Dream Minerals

Hello, ladies! I want to discuss about eye shadows. Mineral eye shadows. Don’t know why but every example of this type of eye shadows with I met, had a terrible quality. And this autumn I decided to try it one … Continue reading

My lips but better: Lumene Wild Rose Natural Lipstick №3 Heather Nude

Hello! Want to tell you about my every-day lipstick. I have been on the hunt for this lipstick because I couldn’t find this shade anywhere. And I have it now. Neat white lipstick case. The formula is excellent. It’s so … Continue reading