Eye shadows by Dream Minerals

Hello, ladies! I want to discuss about eye shadows. Mineral eye shadows. Don’t know why but every example of this type of eye shadows with I met, had a terrible quality. And this autumn I decided to try it one … Continue reading

Mary Kay Eye Primer

Hello! Have you ever heard about Mary Kay? This is American brand and it is very controversial: some products are amazing but some products are awful. It comes to the base for eyeshadows and this product is from the first category. … Continue reading

My furry army of brushes

Hello, my sweethearts! Usually I told you about my cosmetics but I have never told you about my instruments for make up. I mean, brushes. I don’t have a big collection of them, but I’m trying and now I want … Continue reading

Mineral Eye shadows Mary Kay

Hello everyone! What do you think about mineral cosmetics? I just started to use it. My first step is eyeshadows! Eyeshadows by Mary Kay. Well. General characteristics. Each of eyeshadows is in plastic box. I think, I have to buy … Continue reading